Stafflex needed a more regular flow of potential employees across a range of sectors to match their clients.

Our brief was to deliver enquiries for immediately available roles, as well as grow their database of candidates for placing in future roles.

After a deep dive at Stafflex’s HQ, we understood their clients’ need, what Stafflex’s key selling points are, as well as their internal operations and, crucially, what placing candidates in roles for each sector meant for revenue.

After researching the market we identified opportunities with Google PPC as landing page optimisation. We then created a forecast for each sector predicting the number of CV submissions and revenue. This gave us our target to work towards.


Working within the framework of their current web platform, we designed a landing page that was optimised to convert.

This paid dividends, increasing their conversion from 1.2% across their site, to 7% on this page.

900 CVs submitted in 6 months
5,000% ROAS
7% Landing page CVR