Kohinoor is an Indian food brand that retails in all major supermarkets in the UK and across Europe. After we successfully launched of their condiments range into ASDA, the marketing team at Kohinoor reengaged us to help sell more of their authentic Indian stir-in sauces.

As the only product on the market made regionally in India from locally sourced spices, Kohinoor wanted to take a bite out of the market leaders (Pataks and Sharwoods) with a strategic marketing plan that nailed the authenticity of their sauces and spoke directly to their Western audience.


The 'Proper Indian' marketing campaign for Kohinoor, a curry company, successfully engaged a 'middle England' audience by using relatable language and effectively highlighting that all of Kohinoor's sauces are meticulously crafted with authentic ingredients sourced from different regions of India, showcasing the rich culinary diversity of the country.

A series of video assets were created using Kohinoor's four most popular sauces, the videos focussed on the regionality of the sauces pushing home the 'Proper Indian' message. We used the google display network, social media advertising and YouTube to push out the campaign with the aim of increasing awareness of Kohinoor amongst target demographics.

Alongside the 'Proper Indian' campaign, we created recipe and video content for social media and used influencers to grow and increase engagement in the brand.

The result has been a significant increase in Kohinoor, where to buy their sauces and most importantly an increase of in-store and online sales. During 2022 Kohinoor significantly outpaced the growth of their competition and increased their market share of curry sauces.

40% Increase in sales of curry sauces
3.5m people reached
35k new website visitors