Kohinoor pride themselves on authenticity. Their range of cooking sauces, rice, side dishes and snacks make it easy for cooks of all abilities to experience the ‘authentic taste of India’. This is because all of their products are made in India. With rice from the fields of the Himalayas and spices sourced from across the sub-continent, their flavours offer a true sensorial experience.

Kohinoor came to Paladin to launch a new range of condiments – pickles and chutneys- into ASDA supermarkets. They needed a brand campaign with a summer vibe that would resonate with a Western demographic in time for BBQ season and one that would drive awareness of their new product and attract customers to the brand.


Working alongside Kohinoor’s brand marketing team, we developed a strategy based on their location and demographic data and some in-depth Kantar analysis. We created three distinct campaign routes, with ‘Give It Some’ emerging as the clear winner.

This was developed to reflect the flavour profiles – hot, tangy, sweet and sour – of each of the new condiments, set alongside original photography of mouth-watering summer BBQ food.

A digital marketing campaign followed that included social media ads, search and display advertising delivered to a Western audience. Ads were targeted based on location, proximity to an ASDA store and retargeting on flavour profiles. The result was the Kohinoor’s most successful UK launch.


Brand Campaign
Social Media Advertising
Brand Assets
Content Creation
2 Record product launches
4m+ Reach across digital channels
20%+ Growth in revenue

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