Wellhouse Leisure is one of the UK’s leading campervan convertors. Based in Yorkshire, they have been converting Ford, Toyota and Nissan for almost 20 years. With the nation in lockdown, heading into summer 2020 online search volumes for campervans more than tripled as a new market went looking for self-contained staycation options.

With an already sizeable market share, Wellhouse wanted to make sure they were the campervan convertor of choice for a new audience of holiday-makers. They were also in the midst of relocating their manufacturing base from West to South Yorkshire, so it was our job to work quickly and effectively.

They came to Paladin for a rebrand, one that would communicate their services, personality and ambition. Having retained their logo since 1980s, it was felt that time had moved on and they needed something that better reflected who they were and appealed more to their customers.


After a Deep Dive session, we developed a strategy that focussed on emotion over function.

By giving the brand a refresh we added versatility as we entered a new market.

The old logo stayed and we introduced new elements - like the Wellhouse Wings - and colours for distinctiveness.

We then wrapped this up in a campaign called: Your Wildest Dreams - to capture the freedom and aspiration of campervan ownership (below).

The results was a truly integrated campaign involving digital marketing and offline direct marketing.

We started right at the top of the funnel using social media advertising and Google Search and Display ads to increase awarness and capture additonal search traffic. Remarketing brought people back to the site.

Brochures and Welcome packs with gifts were created for new and existing customers, aligning the brand with high-end, bespoke car manufacturers.

We then produced a series of print ads for the launch of the new Misano range focussing on the campervans' ability to get staycationers distanced from the rest of the world in a social way (right).


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Social Media Advertising
43%+ Organic Traffic
370%+ Unique Users
72%+ Enquiries

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