History. Quality. Provenance. Honesty. Four words that succinctly capture Anitch Fine English Tailors. Part of Antich & Sons – one of the last bastions of world-class weaving in the traditional textile heartland of Huddersfield who count Prada, Boss, Givency and Chanel among their customers – Antich Fine English Tailors offers the same world-class cloth in their own tailored suits.

This capability to weave and tailor bespoke suits within in a 2 mile radius, not only gives clients unparalleled access to the finest fabrics, but forms a key part of creating a sustainable, proudly British-made suit.

The challenge for Paladin was to modernise the tailoring arm of Antich, capturing their uniqueness and a new audience outside their heartland.


We spent time the Antich senior team to understand their capability. We analysed the sector and their competition and discovered they had something truly unique and special. Discovering they could weave the cloth and tailoring bespoke suits in one place, we quickly developed a name for this process: ‘weave to wear’.

A new website was the centre piece of a new brand direction that captured the essence of the business’ uniqueness. Product and model photography was done in the factory to tell the ‘weave to wear’ story visually. Built on Shopify, the website was chosen for its scalability as the brand aims to launch an e-commerce offering in 2022.

PPC ads across Google’s network and social advertising reached a new customer base, outside of their traditionally local clientele, speaking to an audience that values high quality tailoring, sustainable practices and an unmatched bespoke service.

We also began speaking to a younger audience without sacrificing the traditional customer base and the values and history Antich was built on.


Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Digital Strategy
Social Media Advertising
130% Increase in website traffic
75% Growth in YoY Sales
500% Increase in Click Through Rate

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