The growth engine of your business.

Our Momentum process helps us get to know your business and why you need marketing.

Only by really understanding the challenge can we formulate a plan for success.

Once we have the business, customer and market insight, we develop the objectives and the Strategy to meet them.

We put the plan into action: when, where and how we will take you to market. This includes which channels we will use for our campaign, from paid social, PR and traditional advertising to Google Ads and SEO.

Our Momentum Process


Understand the business goals.

Identify the marketing challenge.


– Audience
– Market
– Competition.

Identify the opportunity.


Set specific marketing goals:

– What
– To whom
– And when.

Brand identity development.

Campaign ideation.

Create the big idea.


How will we achieve it?

Where will we achieve it?

Channel selection.

Analysis & optimisation.

Assessment of effectiveness.

Track against objectives.

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